Why I Created TRT | Living a Balanced Life

Society as a whole tends to mimic nature and travel together in large groups. Fish swim with the School. Bees fly with the Swarm. Animals are aware of the seasons, and follow the food source. Humans follow wherever the opportunity is to make money. As a human you may know this as driving in traffic en-route to work. Like the majority of the public, you work during the same business hours, and therefore, you also share the same off hours. Hence, you also drive in traffic en-route to your house.

We spend countless hours doing soul crushing work, making money, buying things, and in the end we’re all just paying back the bank. As the years go by, the wear and tear of daily life takes it toll on one’s health. Once health starts to go, an individual is unable to maintain wealth, and all that has been worked so hard for disappears quicker than it came into possession. Priorities start to shift, and life comes into perspective.

It’s during these ‘wiser’ years of life that one realizes, that the earlier priorities in life, primarily the material things, never really should have mattered that much in the first place. And almost simultaneously, it’s no surprise that one also realizes the priorities that took a back seat earlier in life, actually needed to be at the forefront during the elusive present.

If you are part of the herd, the above way of existence is normal for you. I’m here to let you know that life doesn’t have to continue down that path. You can change that way of being immediately.

Below are some key topics that I believe are important in maintaining a balanced work life. It helps to have the random topics of life loosely associated in such a way that allows one to see the individual life experience as part of the whole.

  • Awakening
  • Health
  • Work
  • Play

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