How I Got Into Blogging

After 15 years of structured military service, I had a burning desire to reconnect with my creative side.

So I created a niche art blog, and it actually ended up helping me get on the KUSI San Diego news!

I figured I must be doing something right with my blogging and SEO if people are finding me on page 1 of Google. So I created another unrelated blog, then another…until I realized I only had so much time and resources to devote to each website and its associated social media channels.

Because I discovered I was good at something, I just kept doing it…I found myself getting lost in the doing without really understanding why I was doing it to begin with. I was just sharing and re-sharing very shallow & meaningless posts, when I should have been spending more time on what got me on the news in the first place: making meaningful content.

So I wanted to regroup my efforts back into one website, and address the root cause of why I even started blogging in the first place.