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Maintaining Balance | Work + Life + Health

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How To Live A Balanced Life

How To Live A Balanced Life

Like I’ve mentioned before on my About page, I’m just a regular guy with everyday issues. However, the difference with me is that I’m not afraid to experiment with variables in my life. I’ve dabbled in various industries such as the Military (Retired), Non-Profit Org, Federal, and Private Sector. With each of those industries, my income has varied from steady Government Pay every 2 weeks, to fluctuating (and sometimes non existent) Self-Employment Pay. These different incomes have ranged from less than minimum wage to well over $5,000 a month. I had peaks and valleys as far as sense of purpose and accomplishment was concerned, but overall…I just wasn’t happy. Regardless of how I felt, I spent years living up to peer pressure, parental pressure, and followed that with 13 years in a marriage plagued with problem avoidance – yet still started a family.  To add more stress on the relationships around me, the first 15 years of my adulthood was spent in Active Military service during the 9/11 era. I did everything I was supposed to do,...

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